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Auto Crashes

If you were injured in a motor vehicle crash due to someone else’s negligent—or careless—actions, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other damages.

More about Auto Crashes

When you’ve been injured in a crash, you could be facing serious injuries that result in extensive medical treatment and time missed from work. How are you supposed to cover the costs associated with your crash if your medical bills are piling up and you’re unable to work?

The physical and financial damage caused by automobile crashes is often overwhelming.  Ronald Bone, P.A. will help you navigate the issues that arise from serious injuries.  Our services include investigating, documenting, and proving  fault, preserving evidence, coordinating medical bill payment, managing insurance claims, and helping you make the best decisions for your recovery.

If you are injured in a crash, seek medical attention promptly.  Next, seek legal counsel to protect your interests.  As your attorney, Ronald Bone will investigate the facts of your loss, assist you with your property damage claim if needed, preserve the evidence needed to prove your case, and work with your medical care providers so that your medical coverages are properly billed and utilized.

Our goal is to take all the pressure of dealing with the insurance companies and claims off of you and your family, so that you can focus on healing.  Call Ronald Bone, P.A. today for a free consultation.  We are standing by to help.

Motorcycle Crashes

As motorcyclists, we face very different challenges on the road and in crashes.  Those challenges include proving fault when some people blame us for just being on a motorcycle,  and we often suffer more serious injuries because we ride.  We ride, and we are here to help you or your loved ones should the unimaginable happen.

More about Motorcycle Crashes

As Ron Bone explains, “I ride.  I understand that motorcyclists face unique challenges on the road.  I also understand that we sustain much more damage in any given collision than those in a protective cage, and we correspondingly need much more focused help when we are hurt.  Most importantly, I know that even if we as riders share no fault in causing the crash, insurance companies and some people will try to blame us just because we were on a motorcycle.  That’s wrong, and I won’t let them blame you for riding.”

Motorcycle crashes can result from a number of factors that differ from automobile crashes. In many cases, motorcycle riders are not at fault even though they are the most injured. Cars often turn in front of riders or hit them from behind, only for drivers to claim they didn’t see the motorcyclist. Unfortunately, some insurance companies don’t listen to injured motorcyclists and deny rightful claims for damages.

Ron Bone firmly believes that the facts of your case should determine who’s held accountable for your injuries—not the type of vehicle you were driving. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash, he’ll help you prove who was really at fault, and he will hold them accountable.

Motorcycle crash-related injuries can suddenly and dramatically change your life. You may need rehabilitation and other medical treatment, and as a result of your injuries or recovery time, you may be unable to work.  Ron Bone will make sure that your harms and losses are documented and presented, so that you can recover from those losses as quickly as possible.

Contact Ronald Bone, P.A. for a free consultation to discuss the details of your loss.  Our team is standing by to help you get your life back on track.

Bicycle Crashes

Bicycle riders that are injured on the congested roads in Florida often find that their medical issues are more serious and proving who caused the crash is more complex.  Let our experienced team help you prove your case and get justice for your harms and losses.

More about Bicycle Crashes

Bicycle riders are keenly aware that they are vulnerable users of Florida’s roadways.  Even though the law requires car drivers to keep a safe distance, crashes still happen and serious injuries are inevitable.

Although holding a wrongdoer to account doesn’t heal your injuries, Ronald Bone, P.A. will hold at-fault drivers responsible for you all the way through trial if necessary.  Whether you were part of a bicycle riding group, commuting to or from work, or simply “out for a ride,” Ron Bone will represent your interests and get you justice for what was taken.

If you are a cyclist who has been injured in a collision with the driver of a car (or worse, you have experienced the death of a loved one), and it was the result of the negligence or reckless acts of others, contact Ronald Bone, P.A. for a free consultation to discuss your rights.  We are standing by to help.

Slip & Fall

Florida law holds property owners and businesses that are negligent in operating or maintaining their property liable for injuries that occur due to the condition of the property.   If you have sustained injuries on someone else’s property, call Ronald Bone, P.A. for a free case evaluation.

More about Slip & Fall

Florida law holds businesses and property owners responsible for harms and losses caused by the condition of the property under their control.  This includes slip, trip, and fall injuries, falling objects, or hidden hazards on the property.

Premises liability law is a highly specialized area of law, and it is important for you or anyone who is injured on another’s property to contact Ronald Bone, P.A. as quickly as possible to have the circumstances of your case reviewed.  Mr. Bone can help you preserve the evidence that you need to prove your case.  Mr. Bone can also require that the property owner preserve evidence as well, such as in-store video and other documentation of the negligence, before the evidence is destroyed

Property owners need to ensure that their properties are safe.  This is particularly true for people who maintain a commercial property and invite or allow others to use the property so that the property owner can make money.  When restaurants, malls, shops, or other commercial establishments fail to provide a safe premises for their customers, they can be held liable.

Determining negligence in a premises liability case is often a very fact specific analysis, and it is important to have your case reviewed by an experienced attorney in order to evaluate your claim.  Call Ronald Bone, P.A. for a cost-free consultation.  We are standing by to put our experience and successful track record to work for you.

Inadequate Security

If you have been assaulted or injured at a business, apartment complex, or hotel, and the risk of harm was known but not prevented, the owner and operator may be held liable under Florida law.

More about Inadequate Security

When you have been assaulted or injured outside of your home, at a business such as a restaurant or hotel, a fair question to ask is “Could this have been prevented?”

Ronald Bone, P.A. has investigated and handled many cases were innocent people were injured, attacked, or sexually assaulted at a business, hotel, or apartment complex.  In those cases, the business owner or operator knew that they had a problem and did not want to spend the money needed to discourage crime from happening on their property.  Criminals prefer to commit crimes where they are less likely to get caught, and simple measures can often be taken to discourage crime from happening on a business owner’s property.

The only way to encourage businesses to take safety seriously is to hold them accountable for failing to take reasonable measures to protect their customers.  Ronald Bone, P.A. will investigate what the business owner knew or should have known and what steps, if any, the business owner took to protect its customers.  Mr. Bone will also take the lead in preserving evidence and helping you choose the right course of action based on the specific facts of the losses and harms.

If you or a loved one are the victim of inadequate security, seek medical attention promptly.  Next, seek experienced legal counsel to protect your interests.  We are here to help.

Wrongful Death

When you lose a loved one as the result of someone else’s careless and negligent actions, you have unanswered questions and a void where your loved one once was.

More about Wrongful Death

When you lose a loved one as the result of someone else’s careless and negligent actions, you have unanswered questions and a void where your loved one once was.

When you’re grieving, taking legal action may be the last thing on your mind, but it is the only way in our system of justice to get recognition for what has been taken.  Ronald Bone, P.A. has helped families like yours navigate the tragic loss and hold those accountable to justice.  An important aspect of representation is to allow our clients to grieve and heal.  We take the worry away from dealing with the investigation team, insurance companies, benefit providers, and legal system so that you and your loved ones can start the journey to recovery.

Ronald Bone, P.A.’s caring, compassionate legal team helps families like yours get through some of the most difficult moments in their lives. We do that by providing the caring and confident legal service you deserve.

What are wrongful death claims?

Wrongful death claims allow survivors to seek recognition for the loss after another party’s negligence causes the death of a loved one. Wrongful death lawsuits are filed in the civil court system. Survivors can hold people and corporations accountable for their loved one’s death, regardless of whether or not criminal charges were filed.

No matter what caused your loved one’s passing, we are here for you. 

Wrongful death cases can result from:

  • auto crashes
  • bicycle crashes
  • brain injuries
  • defective products
  • drug injuries
  • drunk driving
  • motorcycle crashes
  • nursing home abuse
  • pedestrian incidents
  • slip and fall injuries
  • semi-tractor trailer and big truck crashes
  • work-related injuries

Ronald Bone, P.A. will stand up for you and your family when another person or corporation is at fault for your loved one’s death.  Call us today.

Dog Bites

Victims of dog bites are often those who are least able to defend themselves.  When a dog attacks, the injuries can be severe and the scarring can be permanent.  If you are a loved one has been attacked, you need an experienced attorney.

More about Dog Bites

Most dog attacks can be prevented.  When dog owners know that they have a dangerous animal and fail to protect others around the animal from harm, they are acting unreasonably and should be held accountable for their lack of care.

The breed of a dog is not responsible for its aggression or an attack.  The owner is responsible.  Owners must be held accountable for the training every dog needs, and they must be held accountable for putting innocent victims in harms way when their dog is a known risk to attack.  Some people with aggressive dogs even fail to do the obvious – use a muzzle when in public – to reduce the chance of injury.  When people or organizations fail to act reasonably, they must be held to account.  That is the only way to change uncaring and dangerous behavior.

If you or a loved one are a victim of a dog attack, you need an experienced attorney to represent your interests.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case.  We are here to help.

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